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Are Poles more bald than others?

Are Poles more bald than others? Bad news here, especially for gentlemen. Poles most likely have a slightly higher frequency of male baldness than most male populations from other parts of the world. The MAF (minor allele frequency) for the variant of the androgen receptor gene, referred to in the literature as rs6625163, correlated with the occurrence of male pattern baldness, is 62% for the general population (GnomAD v3.1.1), but in the Polish population it is estimated at 80%. Quite a lot, although this is just one of the many variants that affect baldness.

"The Thousand PolishGenomes Project - a national database of Polish variant allele frequencies" is a unique scientific project, the aim of which was to create the first database of genetic variants of Poles and Polish women. The presented results come from this project.

Find out more about the genetics of baldness here:

P.S. Of course, there exists data that is less extensive than WGS analyzes from other populations, but with a much larger sample size, for example in 23andMe or FTDNA collections. In this project, however, we focused only on data from genome-wide projects. Remember that the The Thousand PolishGenomes project is open to more discoveries by other research groups in the upcoming groups, and the presented results are only the tip of the iceberg.

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