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Who took part in the project?

We know from the lessons of statistics that the sample must be large enough to draw statistically significant conclusions. The Thousand PolishGenomes project selected samples from almost 1,300 participants (though many more applied!) from all over the country.Ultimately, however, the analysis was performed on 1083 samples due to the related relationship among some of the respondents.

The samples analyzed so far include genomes from 461 women and 617 men. There were also situations in which the sex provided by the person applying for the research was different than the biological or genetic sex (biological sex was taken into consideration in the research). The average age of a participant in the Thousand PolishGenomes project was 44.7 years, while for women the average was 46.4 years and for men 43.6 years. The oldest participant was a man aged 99 - we keep our fingers crossed for reaching 200!

The chart below, showing the sex and age distribution of the subjects, is based on preliminary results for 943 genomes analyzed.

The Thousand PolishGenomes Project - a national database of Polish variant allele frequencies" is a unique scientific project, the aim of which was to create the first database of genetic variants of Poles and Polish women. The presented results come from this project.

P.S. Of course, there exists data that is less extensive than WGS analyzes from other populations, but with a much larger sample size, for example in 23andMe or FTDNA collections. In this project, however, we focused only on data from genome-wide projects. Remember that the The Thousand PolishGenomes project is open to more discoveries by other research groups in the upcoming groups, and the presented results are only the tip of the iceberg.